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Chromium Supplements Could Cause Cancer, Says Study

January 13, 2016 8:21 am | by Ryan Bushey, Associate Editor | Articles | Comments

It is ill-advised to take large quantities of these vitamins over long periods of time. Read more...


Teva, Checkpoint Therapeutics Announce License Agreement for Oral PARP Inhibitor

January 13, 2016 7:45 am | News | Comments

Checkpoint will obtain the exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize CEP-8983 and its small molecule prodrug, CEP-9722. Read more...


Zika Virus Case Confirmed in Texas

January 13, 2016 7:30 am | by Fiona Ortiz, Reuters | News | Comments

A traveler who recently returned to the Houston area from Latin America has a confirmed case of Zika. Read more...


Protein Analysis Could Lead to Fundamental Treatment Method for Parkinson's

January 13, 2016 7:15 am | by Osaka University | News | Comments

Lewy bodies had been considered to be a key element of pathogenesis for Parkinson's disease. Read more...


Cocaine Addiction: Scientists Discover 'Back Door' into The Brain

January 13, 2016 7:00 am | by University of Cambridge | News | Comments

Although both studies were carried out in rats, the researchers believe the findings will be relevant to humans. Read more...


Top 10 Most Innovative Biopharma Companies, Announced at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

January 12, 2016 4:34 pm | News | Comments

Scores of leading biopharma C-suite and senior executives congregated at IDEA Pharma’s The Future of Pharma panel discussion event to hear the company announce who it believes are the top 10 most innovative and exciting companies selected from the whole of the industry, as it launches its new index - The IDEA Index. Read more...


MedImmune, UC San Francisco Enter RIA Disease-Focused Research Collaboration

January 12, 2016 11:09 am | News | Comments

MedImmune, the global biologics research and development arm of AstraZeneca, and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) today announced a research collaboration that will be focused in Respiratory, Inflammation and Autoimmunity (RIA) with an emphasis on basic research and translational sciences.  Read more...


Two-in-one Packaging May Increase Drug Efficacy, Reduce Side Effects

January 12, 2016 11:00 am | by American Institute of Physics | News | Comments

The search for targeted drug delivery options for chemotherapy and other treatments inspired a team of researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China and The Ohio State University to develop a new way to package two or more ingredients into a single capsule. Read more...


Supreme Court Rejects J&J’s Appeal of Risperdal Penalty

January 12, 2016 10:53 am | by Stephanie Guzowski, Editor | News | Comments

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear an appeal from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, of a $124 million penalty imposed by South Carolina after a jury found the drugmaker had inappropriately marketed the antipsychotic medication risperidone (Risperdal) and covered up its risks. Read more...


Gut Reaction: Smart Pill Smells Out the Body's Fiber Factor

January 12, 2016 9:41 am | by RMIT University | News | Comments

Researchers have conducted the first ever trials of smart pills that can measure intestinal gases inside the body, with surprising results revealing some unexpected ways that fibre affects the gut. Read more...


Inflammation Markers Could Guide Depression Treatments

January 12, 2016 9:36 am | by Emory Health Services | News | Comments

Psychiatrists investigating depression have been energized in recent years by reports of rapid, successful treatment with drugs that interfere with the brain chemical glutamate, such as the anesthetic ketamine. Read more...


Texas Pharmacy Agrees to Stop Distributing Adulterated Drugs

January 12, 2016 9:28 am | by Associated Press | News | Comments

A Dallas-area pharmacy facing government allegations of making contaminated drugs in unsanitary conditions has agreed to a court order that it not distribute adulterated drugs in interstate commerce. Read more...


Two Tropical Diseases Raise Alarm in Ebola Aftermath

January 12, 2016 8:30 am | by Ryan Bushey, Associate Editor | News | Comments

Both research groups echo the same sentiment of studying the composition and evolution of these viruses in order to create potent vaccines for both diseases. Read more...


New Therapy Aids Bid to Beat Organ Failure Caused by Pancreatitis

January 12, 2016 8:30 am | by University of Edinburgh | News | Comments

Patients suffering organ failure caused by a common inflammatory condition could be helped by a new therapy. Read more...


Pfizer Expands R&D Equity Investment Strategy to Access Early-Stage Scientific Innovations

January 12, 2016 8:29 am | News | Comments

Pfizer Inc. announced an expansion of its Research & Development (R&D) investment strategy to include early-stage companies on the leading edge of scientific innovation, providing them with both equity and access to resources for research in promising areas aligned with Pfizer’s core interests. Read more...



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