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First Widely Available Zika Test Ok'd for Emergency Use

May 2, 2016 8:28 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

The first commercial test for the Zika virus has been cleared for emergency use in the U.S. and could be available by next week.


EMA Recommends Approval for Biogen, AbbVie's MS Drug

May 1, 2016 11:30 am | News | Comments

The drug is also currently under regulatory review in the United States, Switzerland, Canada and Australia.


Novo Nordisk Says US Launch 'Encouraging' as Profit Drops

April 29, 2016 10:30 am | News | Comments

The world's largest maker of diabetes treatments, Novo Nordisk, said on Friday that the US launch of ultra-long acting insulin Tresiba had been "encouraging" as it reported a drop in first quarter profit.


New Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Technique for Pain Management

April 29, 2016 10:27 am | by European Journal of Neuroscience | News | Comments

Researchers have discovered a new technique to enhance and maintain brain excitability that could increase sensory and pain threshold, which could be used to alleviate chronic pain in people who cannot take medication.


Forensic Model to Combat Counterfeit Drugs Proposed

April 29, 2016 10:23 am | by Seth Augenstein, Digital Reporter | News | Comments

Bogus medicines promise a lucrative gain for unscrupulous peddlers worldwide. But even if they’re caught, the human health toll has already been taken. A new study proposes to look at the fraudulent phenomenon from a criminology and forensic perspective.


Genomics Researchers Unveil Road Map to Disease Origin

April 29, 2016 10:19 am | by University of Arizona Health Sciences | News | Comments

Researchers are one step closer to understanding the genetic and biological basis of diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and rheumatoid arthritis - and identifying new drug targets and therapies - thanks to work by three computational biology research teams.


Scientists Turn Skin Cells into Heart, Brain Cells Using Drugs

April 29, 2016 10:15 am | by Gladstone Institutes | News | Comments

Scientists transformed skin cells into heart cells and brain cells using a combination of chemicals.


Hawaii Looks to Allow Psychologists to Prescribe Drugs

April 29, 2016 10:09 am | by Marina Starleaf Riker, Associated Press | News | Comments

State lawmakers are poised to make Hawaii one of a handful of states that allow psychologists to prescribe medication in hopes of increasing access to mental health services.


Gilead’s Profit Misses Target; HCV Drug Sales Disappoint

April 29, 2016 9:54 am | by Stephanie Guzowski, Editor | News | Comments

Gilead Sciences’s earnings missed analysts’ estimates, tumbling 17 percent in the first quarter. Lower sales of the biotech company’s blockbuster hepatitis C virus (HCV) drugs, Harvoni and Sovaldi, contributed to lower-than-expected profit.


Diagnostic Screening for Alzheimer’s Disease: Economics, Policy, and Unanswered Questions

April 28, 2016 10:01 am | by Jillian Godfrey Scaife, Principal, and Nick Simmons-Stern, Consultant, Trinity Partners | Articles | Comments

In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the number of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) clinical trials, led by major efforts from Biogen, Lilly, Genentech/Roche, and others. With the first of these novel AD therapies potentially coming to market as early as 2017/2018, there are a number of critical and as yet unanswered questions surrounding the economics and policy of AD diagnostic screening. 


Doctors Recommend Prescribing Fewer Opioids after Surgery

April 28, 2016 9:26 am | by Washington University School of Medicine | News | Comments

Bolstering new federal guidelines that advise primary care doctors to carefully weigh the prescribing of opioid painkillers, two experts are recommending that surgeons also consider cutting back on the number of take-home opioid pills prescribed to patients after surgery.


Tiny Microscopes Reveal Hidden Role of Nervous System Cells

April 28, 2016 9:22 am | by Salk Institute | News | Comments

A microscope about the size of a penny is giving scientists a new window into the everyday activity of cells within the spinal cord. The innovative technology revealed that astrocytes—cells in the nervous system that do not conduct electrical signals and were traditionally viewed as merely supportive—unexpectedly react to intense sensation.


Who Gets Hooked on Drugs? Genetic Markers Influence Addiction

April 28, 2016 9:16 am | by University of Michigan | News | Comments

Why does one person who tries cocaine get addicted, while another might use it and then leave it alone? Why do some people who kick a drug habit manage to stay clean, while others relapse? 


Study Reveals COPD Linked to Increased Bacterial Invasion

April 28, 2016 8:36 am | by Vanderbilt University Medical Center | News | Comments

The investigators were interested in the function of the body's mucus membranes like those found in the nose and the lining of the lungs. 


Advocates Hold NYC Protest Over Price of Pneumonia Vaccine

April 28, 2016 8:31 am | by Rachelle Blinder, Associated Press | News | Comments

About 70 people walked silently and in single file to Pfizer's headquarters, where they placed 2,500 flowers in a crib as though laying tribute on a coffin.



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