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Report Shows Doctors Prescribing Fewer Opioids for Pain

December 9, 2014 1:06 pm | by John Hopkins School of Public Health | News | Comments

Nine in 10 primary care physicians say that prescription drug abuse is a moderate or big problem in their communities. Read more...                      


Startup Aims to Develop 100 Drugs in 10 Years

December 9, 2014 12:59 pm | by University of Utah | News | Comments

A start-up wants to quickly and affordably identify unexpected ways a drug could be used by testing it on diseased cells. Read more...                     


New Analytics Tool Helps Hospitals Improve Antibiotic Usage

December 9, 2014 12:15 pm | News | Comments

Cardinal Health introduced a powerful new tool that gives pharmacists the ability to rapidly analyze antibiotic use trends. Read more...                     


Parkinson's Vaccine Being Tested on Patients in Europe

December 9, 2014 9:24 am | News | Comments

This vaccine is one out of a designated pool of promising vaccine candidates. Read more...                             


Trial Launched to Evaluate Amgen and Merck's Melanoma Treatment

December 9, 2014 9:04 am | News | Comments

Amgen announced the initiation of a trial of a new melanoma treatment. Read more...                              


Scientists Make Breakthrough in Understanding Rare Blood Cancer

December 9, 2014 8:51 am | by University of Southampton | News | Comments

A breakthrough in understanding of a rare form of blood cancer could lead to significant improvements in treatment for patients. Read more...                    


AbbVie Announces Phase 2 Results for AML Treatment

December 8, 2014 3:07 pm | News | Comments

AbbVie presented new results from a Phase 2 study of a treatment for AML at the American Society of Hematology's 56th Annual Meeting. Read more...                   


Bad Data Adds Another Problem to Ebola Outbreak

December 8, 2014 2:50 pm | by Maria Cheng and Sarah Dilorenzo - Associated Press | News | Comments

Having accurate numbers about the Ebola outbreak is essential not only to provide a realistic picture of the epidemic, but to determine effective control strategies. Read more...            


A Pill to Shed Fat?

December 8, 2014 2:36 pm | by B.D. Colen, Harvard University | News | Comments

Researchers created a system using human stem cells to screen for compounds that have the potential to turn white fat cells into brown fat cells. Read more...             


Tasigna Wins Over Gleevec in Ph+CML Patients

December 8, 2014 1:45 pm | News | Comments

Six-year results from Novartis' randomized Phase 3 study continue to demonstrate the superiority of Tasigna compared to Glivec. Read more...                   


New Agent Shrinks Small Cell Lung Tumors in Pre-Clinical Testing

December 8, 2014 1:20 pm | News | Comments

Researchers found that a new agent can disable the basic part of a tumor cell's survival mechanism. Read more...                         


New Immunotherapy Breakthrough Discovered

December 8, 2014 1:06 pm | by Robert Levy, Harvard Medical School | News | Comments

A therapy that liberates the immune system to attack cancer cells drove Hodgkin lymphoma into complete or partial remission. Read more...                     


FDA Approves Amgen's Hypercalcemia Drug

December 8, 2014 12:53 pm | News | Comments

The FDA approved Amgen's drug that treats hypercalcemia. Read more...                                


Pfizer Expands Rare Disease Research with Gene Therapy Platform

December 8, 2014 12:34 pm | News | Comments

Pfizer announced two strategic decisions to expand the company’s rare disease research and development activities. Read more...                       


Merck Buys Cubist Pharmaceuticals for $8.4B

December 8, 2014 12:27 pm | by Tom Murphy - AP Business Writer | News | Comments

Merck will spend $8.4 billion to buy Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Read more...                                



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