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Almac And Exco Working Together

March 24, 2011 11:41 am | News | Comments

The Almac Group and Exco InTouch announced that Almac’s Clinical Technologies business unit has formed a patient management alliance with Exco InTouch, an innovative firm specializing in patient recruitment, retention, compliance and ePRO services.


ProImmune Receives GLP Certification

March 24, 2011 11:37 am | News | Comments

ProImmune Ltd. announced that it has been accepted into the UK GLP compliance monitoring program by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency formally confirming ProImmune’s compliance with GLP.


Peptide Workstation

March 24, 2011 7:58 am | Product Releases | Comments

Biotage, a supplier of tools and technology for medicinal, analytical, and peptide chemistry, introduced the Biotage Initiator Peptide Workstation for manual microwave-assisted peptide synthesis.


qPCR Assays

March 24, 2011 7:56 am | Product Releases | Comments

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) now offers PrimeTime Pre-designed qPCR Assays which are guaranteed to work for human, mouse, and rat transcriptomes.


Diaphragm Pumps

March 24, 2011 7:52 am | Drug Discovery & Development | Product Releases | Comments

KNF LABOPORT Filtration Series diaphragm pumps provide ideal solutions for a wide range of applications in the lab, including flask filtration, vacuum blotting, vacuum manifold, and vacuum desiccation.


RFID-Enabled Refrigerator

March 24, 2011 7:48 am | Product Releases | Comments

Terso Solutions, Inc. has expanded its line of RFID-enabled enclosures with the addition of a refrigerator that is well-suited for hospital and laboratory inventory management.


Gentel-VARI Awarded Glycosylation Patent

March 24, 2011 7:45 am | News | Comments

Gentel Biosciences and Van Andel Research Institute jointly announced the granting of U.S. Patent 7,838,634 for a new method to profile changes in the glycosylation of proteins captured on the surface of an antibody array slide.


PerkinElmer to Buy CambridgeSoft

March 24, 2011 7:42 am | News | Comments

PerkinElmer, Inc., a global company focused on health and safety, announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire CambridgeSoft Corporation, and has completed the purchase of ArtusLabs, Inc.


Bird Embryo Provides Insight Into Cancer and Wound Healing

March 24, 2011 7:40 am | News | Comments

Avian embryos could join the list of model organisms used to study a specific type of cell migration called epiboly, thanks to the results of a study published this month in the journal Developmental Dynamics.


Telomerase Inhibitor Also A Key Tumor Suppressor

March 24, 2011 7:36 am | News | Comments

It's been nearly 10 years since PinX1, the first potent endogenous protein shown to inhibit telomerase in mammals, was discovered. Now scientists have discovered a vitally important new function for this telomerase inhibitor.


Prosensa Releases PRO051 Results

March 24, 2011 7:25 am | News | Comments

Prosensa, a biopharmaceutical company focusing on RNA modulating therapeutics, announces the publication of results from a phase 1/2 and 12-week extension study of its lead product, PRO051 for the treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.


Calcitonin Successful in Phase 3 Osteoporosis Trial

March 24, 2011 7:22 am | News | Comments

Tarsa Therapeutics announced that the Phase 3 ORACAL trial of its oral recombinant salmon calcitonin in the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis was successfully concluded and yielded statistically significant, positive top-line results.


USP And FDA Updating Quality Standards

March 24, 2011 7:20 am | News | Comments

The U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention is working with the Food and Drug Administration and the Consumer Healthcare Products Association to update quality standards for widely used medicines and ingredients.


Safer, More Effective Morphine May Be Possible

March 24, 2011 7:17 am | News | Comments

An orphan drug originally used for HIV treatment has been found to short-circuit the process that results in additional sensitivity and pain from opioid use.


Valeant CEO Adds Chairman to Title

March 24, 2011 7:15 am | News | Comments

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. said it named its CEO J. Michael Pearson to the additional post of chairman of the board. Pearson replaces Robert A. Ingram.



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