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NIST Develops New Lab-On-A-Chip

September 2, 2010 8:02 am | News | Comments

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have demonstrated a microminiaturized device that can make complex viscosity measurements—critical data for a wide variety of fields.


The Active Lives of Fat Cells

September 2, 2010 7:58 am | News | Comments

Scientists are reporting new evidence that fat tissue is far from being a dormant storage depot for surplus calories, it is an active organ that sends chemical signals to other parts of the body, perhaps increasing the risk of heart attacks, cancer, and other diseases.


Frugal Microbes Reduce Protein Cost

September 2, 2010 7:56 am | News | Comments

Bacteria tend to be more frugal when constructing proteins for use outside of the cell versus internally, saving their energy for synthesizing compounds that can be recycled, according to recently published research.


ND Supreme Court Weighs In On Precription Drug Law

September 2, 2010 7:50 am | by Dale Wetzel | News | Comments

Supporters of a voter initiative that could help bring cheaper prescription drugs to North Dakota are hoping a legal technicality won't keep them from getting the issue placed on the ballot.


Major Leap Forward In TB Diagnostics

September 2, 2010 7:45 am | by Marilynn Marchione | News | Comments

Scientists are reporting a major advance in diagnosing tuberculosis: A new test can reveal in less than two hours, with very high accuracy, whether someone has the disease and if it's resistant to the main drug for treating it.


Journal Editors Question Meridia

September 2, 2010 7:44 am | by Stephanie Nano | News | Comments

Editors of a top medical journal call Meridia "another flawed diet pill" and question whether it should stay on the market as a study shows it raises the risk of heart attack and stroke in people with heart problems.


Recirculating Chiller

September 1, 2010 8:56 am | Product Releases | Comments

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced the launch of its NESLAB ThermoFlex series of recirculating chillers. The ThermoFlex 24000 has a cooling capacity of 24,000 watts to meet the needs of customers who require a higher level of cooling performance.


Flow Filtration System

September 1, 2010 8:52 am | Product Releases | Comments

Spectrum Laboratories, Inc. introduces the KrosFlo Research IIi Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) System. When used with Spectrum’s hollow fiber filters, this compact, fully integrated system provides faster separation of proteins, cells, viruses, nanoparticles, and other macromolecules.


SAIC-Frederick Adapts Geospiza Sequencing Tech

September 1, 2010 8:46 am | News | Comments

Geospiza and SAIC-Frederick Inc. are collaborating to adapt Geospiza’s software platform to a new generation of rapid, high-resolution gene sequencing technology to potentially accelerate cancer research and help develop treatments.


NIAID Grant to Study Vaccination Response

September 1, 2010 8:38 am | News | Comments

Dynavax Technologies Corporation announced a grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to take a systems biology approach to study the differences between individual responses to vaccination against the Hepatitis B virus.


Diet Supplement Helps With Depression

September 1, 2010 8:35 am | News | Comments

A new study conducted by investigators at Harvard suggests that S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAMe), an over-the-counter dietary supplement, can be an effective, adjunctive treatment for adults with major depressive disorders.


Minipump May Drive Microneedle Delivery

September 1, 2010 8:12 am | News | Comments

Purdue University researchers have developed a new type of pump for drug-delivery patches that might use arrays of "microneedles" to deliver a wider range of medications than now possible with conventional patches.


FDA Accepts Novozymes Master File

September 1, 2010 8:07 am | News | Comments

Novozymes Biopharma, part of Novozymes A/S, announced that the US Food and Drug Administration Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research has accepted a Type IV Master File for its recombinant albumin, albucult.


Fenretinide Helps Patients With AMD

September 1, 2010 8:00 am | News | Comments

ReVision Therapeutics Inc. announced that data from a Phase 2b trial show that fenretinide reduced the incidence of choroidal neovascularization by about 50% in patients with geographic atrophy, the most advanced form of dry age related macular degeneration.


FDA Grants Orphan Drug Status to STX-100

September 1, 2010 7:54 am | News | Comments

Stromedix, Inc. announced that its lead clinical candidate STX-100 has been granted orphan drug status by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, an almost uniformly fatal disease.



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