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Promising Malaria and Dengue Vaccines Will Not Defeat Diseases

May 20, 2015 | by Christopher J. Pace, Ph.D., GlobalData Managing Analyst, Infectious Diseases | Comments

Some industry pundits rightfully question the modest protective efficacies of CYD-TDV and RTS,S/AS01. Read more...

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Recent Drug Approvals will Boost Parkinson's Disease Therapeutics Market

July 1, 2015 3:41 pm | by Heather Leach, Ph.D., Immunology and Neurology Analyst, GlobalData | Comments

The most promising products are Xadago and Rytary for early and advanced patients, and Acorda’s CVT-301 for advanced patients. Read more...


FDA's New HCT/P Draft Guidance Document: What is Minimal Manipulation in 2015?

June 30, 2015 10:04 am | by Kelly L. Lightfoot, Esq., Fuerst Ittleman David & Joseph | Comments

The first step in assessing how a HCT/P will be regulated by the FDA, and whether the resulting product will require an expensive and lengthy approval process, is determining if the HCT/P is more than minimally manipulated. Read more...


Global Biosimilars Market Value Could Hit $55B by 2020

June 30, 2015 8:28 am | by Sumith Ladda, Analyst, GBI Research | Comments

The 30 percent to 50 percent reduction in biosimilar prices compared with branded biologics could lead to considerable savings in healthcare expenditure. Read more...


Blood Test IDs Pancreatic Cancer in 250 of 250 Patients

June 29, 2015 9:18 am | by Cynthia Fox, Science Editor | Comments

A new blood test identified pancreatic cancer with 100 percent accuracy in 250 of 250 patients, said a recent report in Nature. The test found pancreatic exosomes in blood via the biomarker GPC1. It distinguished early-stage cancer from late-stage cancer—with zero false positives/negatives. It predicted survival. Read more...


Allergan Layoffs Done at Irvine Location; Kythera Cuts in Question

June 26, 2015 1:35 pm | by Ryan Bushey, Associate Editor | Comments

The CEO of Allergan discussed the future of his company after the completion of the Actavis merger. Read more...


Global Gene Therapy Deals Sky-Rocketed to Nearly $5B in 2014

June 26, 2015 8:31 am | by Adam Dion, MS, Senior Industry Analyst, GlobalData | Comments

Nearly $1.5 billion was raised in the gene therapy arena from 2014 to 2015. Read more...


Small, Potentially Significant Link between Heartburn Drugs, Heart Attacks

June 23, 2015 9:43 am | by Cynthia Fox, Science Editor | Comments

By data-mining untapped clinician notes, Stanford University researchers found the heartburn drug class that includes Prilosec and Prevacid is associated with a small, but potentially significant, heart attack risk, even among the healthy, says a new study in PLOS One. Prilosec and Prevacid are proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). PPIs are the third-most prescribed drugs in the U.S. Read more...


Patent for Pricey Hepatitis C Drug Sovaldi Rejected in China

June 22, 2015 9:01 am | by Ryan Bushey, Associate Editor | Comments

China is a very lucrative pharmaceutical market, but the company is expected to appeal. Read more...


Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Pipeline Dominated by Early-Stage Development

June 18, 2015 9:12 am | by Joshua Libberton, Analyst, GBI Research | Comments

58 percent of drugs in the pancreatic cancer treatment pipeline are in the Discovery or Preclinical stages, 17 percent are in Phase 1 and 21 percent are in Phase 2, leaving just 4 percent of products in Phase 3 of development. Read more...


New EU Post-Marketing Study Requirements for Vaccines: An Update

June 18, 2015 8:58 am | by Priscilla Velentgas, senior director of epidemiology, Quintiles Real-World and Late Phase Research; Ombretta Palucci, senior director, Real-World Evidence Strategy Unit, Quintiles Real-World and Late Phase Research | Comments

Under new draft guidance from the EMA, post-marketing studies of safety and effectiveness are required to be launched for seasonal influenza vaccines shortly after the beginning of the vaccination campaign each year. Based on this guidance, biopharma companies must take into account various operational, statistical and epidemiological elements in the planning of annual enhanced safety surveillance efforts. Read more...


The Rise of Syngeneic Models in Cancer Immunotherapy

June 17, 2015 10:06 am | by Sheri Barnes, Ph.D., Study Director, Charles River | Comments

With cancer immunotherapy a major focus of oncology research over the past several years, a blockbuster drug will likely target the immune system. The industry is responding in kind by developing new tools that can be employed in this rapidly expanding field. One tool oncology researchers are exploring is actually not new at all—the murine tumor model. Read more...


MERS Not Given Same Vaccine Attention as Ebola, Other Viruses

June 16, 2015 8:50 am | by Seth Augenstein, Digital Reporter | Comments

Authorities are scrambling to control the spread of the illness, known fully as the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. Read more...


Axial Spondyloarthritis Treatment Market Value Will Almost Double to $2.9B by 2024

June 15, 2015 8:33 am | by Heather Leach, Ph.D., Immunology Analyst, GlobalData | Comments

The company’s latest report states that the US will cement its position as the largest of the seven major treatment markets (7MM) for axSpA. Read more...


Statins Don’t Harm Memory After All, Suggests Million-Patient Study

June 12, 2015 10:09 am | by Cynthia Fox, Science Editor | Comments

Statins, popular cholesterol lowering drugs, do not appear to cause short-term memory loss after all, according to a large recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine. The study, which looked at some one million patients, indicated past memory-loss reports may have been hampered by detection bias, as both statin users and users of non-statin lipid lowering drugs (LLDs) reported some memory loss. Read more...


Nanotechnology: The Big Challenge Behind the Characterization of the Small

June 10, 2015 2:35 pm | by Ellie Gadd, Science Writer, LGC | Comments

Nanotechnologies are everywhere, from the medicines we take to the food we eat, but what do we really know about the potential effects when they come into contact with complex matrices and how do we ensure that nanoproducts are safe? The global market for nanomaterials is estimated by the European Commission to be...



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