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Thu, 03/04/2010 - 5:39am

glenmillsThe TURBULA Shaker-Mixer is used in many exacting powder blending and mixing applications including blending extremely heavy powders with very light ones, mixing small quantities of powders into larger volumes, and successfully mixing particles of a different diameter. 

Dust-free powder mixing is performed in its own removable mixing container eliminating cross-contamination and allowing for rapid batch changeovers.  For quantities up to 55 liters, the TURBULA Shaker-Mixer is available in three models, the T2F, T10B and T50A.  All three TURBULA models utilize a unique clamping system that allows containers of various sizes or shapes to be used.  For quantities larger than 55 liters, the dyna-MIX is available in four models for scale-up.  These reasons are why we say "Mix the Impossible to Perfection".

In addition to powder mixing, the TURBULA Shaker-Mixer can be used for the following applications: mixing liquids, sampling, ball milling, and metal finishing. 

Date: January 12, 2010
Source: Glen Mills Inc.



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