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Western Diluent

Tue, 10/18/2011 - 8:02am

SwiftG-Biosciences' Swift western diluent is a single reagent solution that reduces the blocking and antibody incubations on western blot membranes from over 4 hours to less than 60 minutes. Swift western diluent generates comparable results to traditional western blotting procedures and other commercial “fast” western blotting kits. 

The western diluent may be used with any combination of primary and secondary antibodies, unlike other commercial kits that limit researcher’s to rabbit or mouse primary antibodies. 

G-Biosciences' Swift western diluent is compatible with wet and semi-dry transfer systems and with all automated transfer systems on the market. The system is suitable for 8 blots (8 x 10cm). For added convenience, the Swift western diluent is supplied in a complete kit to ensure optimal results. The kit includes Swift western diluent, proprietary wash buffers and our highly sensitive femtoLUCENT chemiluminescence detection reagent. 




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