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Biochip With 58 New Sequences for Cancer Research

Sun, 03/28/2010 - 1:43pm

febit offers an updated version of  the company’s Geniom Biochip containing 58 new sequences in addition to all of the Homo sapiens microRNAs (miRNA) from miRBase version 14 for cancer research. The 58 new miRNA sequences were found by deep sequencing in a miRNA discovery study performed on an Applied Biosystems SOLiD 3 sequencing system. All 58 miRNAs have been validated using the ABI TaqMan miRNA qRT-PCR assay and are now available for further studies using febit’s microarray technology for miRNA-profiling.

Several studies investigating the role of miRNAs showed evidence for their influence in cell development processes. The results demonstrated that miRNA biomarkers reliably distinguish between affected and healthy individuals by analysing whole blood samples. Each miRNA is part of a meaningful pattern giving information about individual regulatory processes. Therefore each miRNA of the Geniom Biochip, from either miRBase 14 or the SOLID sequencing-studies, will be of scientific impact and can be a potential biomarker candidate or therapeutically relevant molecules.

febit’s microarray production technology keeps pace with the advances in genomic research and the speed of discovery. febit’s Geniom RT Analyzer platform enables febit’s customers to conduct large cohort studies due to the automation and bioinformatics features.




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