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Fri, 11/30/2012 - 10:32am

Spectral Evolution’s UDS-1100 spectroradiometer is designed to study the relationship between upwelling radiation reflected or emitted upward from the earth’s surface, and downwelling radiation directed toward the earth from the sun and atmosphere. This study can provide insight into the spectral characteristics of vegetation, soil and crops, forest canopies, ocean studies, climactic changes, environmental studies of ice and snow, hydrologic studies, and more.

The UDS-1100 is intended for surface reflectance measurements where it is inconvenient or impractical to take frequent reflectance panel reference scans, especially on days with shifting cloud cover. The UDS-1100 simultaneously measures upwelling and downwelling, can be mounted in towers, and features built-in DARWin Data Analysis software that permits automatic reflectance scanning for unattended operation.

The unit has a 320-1100 nm spectral range and can simultaneously measure full sky irradiance and surface radiation. It allows the user to choose communication modes, power operation, and mounting styles.  Date can be plotted and results can be reviewed in radiometric or photometric units, and current scans can be compared against libraries. Single and multiple spectral plots are available. The UDS-1100 automatically saves data as an ASCII file to third party software, with no extra export function necessary.
It is intended for use in vegetation studies, ocean studies, crop and soil scanning, water studies researching environmental quality, climactic studies, hydrologic studies, and studies of aerosols in the atmosphere.

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