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Lysing Workstation

Tue, 12/11/2012 - 11:21am

Hamilton Robotics is launching the Microlab AutoLys STAR workstation. For drug discovery labs, this instrument improves overall lab throughput by automating the slow and labor-intensive processes of lysing samples and extracting DNA. Automation also eliminates a potential chain-of-custody gap that can arise when samples are processed manually. The instrument can also run overnight, thus increasing laboratory productivity.

The Microlab AutoLys STAR workstation has been tested with blood, saliva, and other sample types. It uses Hamilton’s popular Microlab STAR platform and is compatible with all Microlab STAR instruments.  The Microlab AutoLys STAR workstation includes specialized equipment including a 2D barcode reader, Hamilton heater-shakers, robotic channels that manage sample processing, and a centrifuge. Customers verified the Microlab AutoLys STAR system found the extracted DNA to be comparable to output from their in-house manual methods.

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