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by Intellicyt

We will examine the challenges of phenotypic screening, including the remaining technology gaps and underserved model systems.

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by Capsugel

​Hypromellose (HPMC) capsules were originally formulated with a secondary gelling agent. This agent can delay dissolution in some circumstances and lead to unwanted issues during product development. In this article, we discuss the rationale for developing Capsugel’s Vcaps Plus capsules without a gelling agent. 

The Gram-negative bacterium E. coli is the workhorse of molecular biology, regularly used as the first choice host for DNA cloning, small-scale protein expression, and large-scale protein production for FDA approved biologics.


Purifying low level compounds, such as those typically isolated from natural products, is an area of growing interest for the purpose of discovering new chemical entities.


The ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System was optimized to reduce extra-column band spread in each of the contributing components post-injection. Newly designed UV Detector flow cells use the same optical path as their ACQUITY UPLC predecessors so the same high sensitivity is achieved; however, fluidic lines and connections have been re-designed to further reduce band spread.


The Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer® simplifies cell analysis by performing absolute cell counts, eliminating the need for counting beads, or dual-platform hemacytometer counts. The microprocessor-controlled peristaltic pump system allows the sample volume pulled per run to be determined.


Selection of the appropriate ionization mode for a given substance is relatively easy if the properties of the substance are known beforehand. When this is not the case, the time required for selecting the best ionization mode for each compound can have a negative impact on R&D efficiency.


Robots have long played a central role in drug discovery and testing. In order to choose a robot that will be of the greatest benefit, those involved in the selection process should be familiar with basic robot concepts. This paper presents key relevant aspects of robot technology and includes a section, "10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Robot."

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