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Is the World Failing in Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance?

May 1, 2015 | by Bevin Fletcher, Associate Editor | News | Comments

Antimicrobial resistance is a growing global concern, one that the World Health Organization (WHO) is asking countries to ramp up efforts to prepare for. While many countries have strategies to address the issue, there are still a large number that do not have clear plans to curb misuse and reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance, according to a new WHO report. Read more...

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Pakistani National Sold Drugs for Incurable Conditions, FDA Charges

May 1, 2015 4:28 pm | by Seth Augenstein, Digital Reporter | News | Comments

A Pakistani national has been indicted on fraud and other charges, according to federal authorities, after he allegedly sold bogus drugs to cure serious diseases — some of which are incurable. Read more...


Majority of Older Adults Willing to be Screened by Phone for Dementia: Study

May 1, 2015 12:15 pm | News | Comments

Nearly two-thirds of older adults were willing to undergo telephone screening for dementia, according to a new study from the Indiana University Center for Aging Research and the Regenstrief Institute. Willingness to be screened by phone did not differ by sex, age or race. Read more...


Biotech Workers Win $58 Million Lottery Drawing, to Split Prize

May 1, 2015 12:06 pm | by Seth Augenstein, Digital Reporter | News | Comments

A group of 16 biotech workers at an office in Manhattan won a $58 million Mega Millions jackpot drawing this week, according to multiple reports. Read more...


Apple's ResearchKit - The Real Impact on Clinical Trials

May 1, 2015 11:57 am | by Merrilyn Datta, Ph.D., President and General Manager, Definiens | Articles | Comments

Apple recently released news about its new ResearchKit, a medical platform that intends to turn the iPhone and HealthKit into diagnostic tools. The technology, which enables researchers to create apps that gather new types of health data from users who opt-in, has gotten quite a bit of attention throughout the healthcare and technology communities. Read more...


Braeburn Expands Pipeline to Include Two Schizophrenia Treatments

May 1, 2015 11:47 am | News | Comments

Braeburn Pharmaceuticals announced today that it has expanded its current therapeutic focus beyond addiction and pain to include schizophrenia and other serious psychiatric disorders. Read more..


Bayer's Contraception Safe, Effective: 5-Year Follow-Up Study

May 1, 2015 11:42 am | News | Comments

Bayer HealthCare announced today that a study published online this week in The Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology reinforces findings from previous clinical studies that support the effectiveness and safety of the Essure inserts and procedure for hysteroscopic sterilization, or permanent birth control. Read more...


AIT's Cystic Fibrosis Treatment Granted European Orphan Drug Designation

May 1, 2015 9:20 am | News | Comments

Advanced Inhalation Therapies Ltd (AIT), a leading anti-microbial therapeutic company, announced that the European Commission, acting on the recommendation from the Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products of the European Medicines Agency, granted orphan medicinal product designation to AIT-CF, the Company's proprietary high dose formulation of nitric oxide (NO), for the treatment of cystic fibrosis. Read more...


AOP Orphan Launches Lojuxta to the Austrian Market

April 30, 2015 4:45 pm | News | Comments

The Austrian pharmaceutical company AOP Orphan, a European pioneer in the field of rare diseases, is launching Lojuxta into the Austrian market. Lojuxta was authorized by the EMA (European Medical Agency) in July 2013. Read more...


FDA Seeks More Data on Safety of Hospital Hand Cleaners

April 30, 2015 4:22 pm | by Matthew Perrone, AP Health Writer | News | Comments

To fight infections, hospital workers can hit the hand sanitizer a hundred times or more a day. Now, the government wants more study of whether that is safe and how well it actually fights the spread of germs. Read more...

Researchers Discover How Aspirin Fights Cancer

April 30, 2015 1:57 pm | by University of Minnesota | News | Comments

Taking aspirin reduces a person’s risk of colorectal cancer, but the molecular mechanisms involved have remained unknown until a recent discovery by The Hormel Institute, affiliated with the University of Minnesota. Read more...


FDA Approves Injection for Melting Away Double-Chin Fat

April 30, 2015 1:50 pm | by Associated Press | News | Comments

The Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday it approved an injection designed to melt away double-chin fat. Read more...


The Prospect of Drugs to Treat Gluten Sensitivity

April 30, 2015 1:31 pm | by Stephanie Guzowski, Editor | News | Comments

Pharmaceutical companies are working to develop treatments as a first line of defense against gluten-sensitive symptoms — including abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, headaches and fatigue. Read more...


Prostate Cancer Combination Treatment Could Beat Disease at Its Own Game: Early Study

April 30, 2015 10:23 am | by Seth Augenstein, Digital Reporter | News | Comments

Through chemoimmunotherapy, a chemical one-two punch, a team of doctors said they are now having new success in mouse models. Read more...


Strong Link Found Between Dementia, Common Anticholinergic Drugs

April 30, 2015 9:41 am | by Cynthia Fox, Science Editor | Articles | Comments

There is a strong and possibly irreversible link between Alzheimer’s disease and many commonly used medications for insomnia, allergies, and depression, according to a large recent JAMA Internal Medicine study. Read more...


Gene Variants Show Potential in Predicting Rheumatoid Arthritis Outcomes

April 29, 2015 4:29 pm | by University of Manchester | News | Comments

New cohort studies have shown that certain genetic variants are associated with higher or lower risks of increased disease severity. Read more...



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