As I outlined in September’s editorial “Widening the Net,” the pharmaceutical industry is in flux. Times are hard and, as recent earnings reports showed, not getting any easier. New ideas from new places are critical to helping the industry pull back from the brink and get on stable footing. The only mistake here was waiting until the situation reached this point before taking advantage of these promising new avenues.
As Drug Discovery & Development moves into its sixteenth year of publication, we have decided to take our own advice and proactively look for new ways to fulfill our mission of helping readers bring safer, more effective treatments to market faster.

Glancing over the editorial calendar, I see six print issues each containing a dozen content categories. That gives me 72 opportunities to share the latest information with you, the reader. Even if this number were to be doubled, it would still be dwarfed by the shear amount of new data produced each and every day in the life science field. A twice-daily newsletter was instituted two years ago to relieve some of this pressure and ensure that subscribers never had to go looking for the latest products and breaking news. Still, scientists looking for more in-depth articles to aid their research were left impatiently waiting for their print or digital issue to arrive. This is a 20th century problem that has no place in the 21st century. This magazine was lucky enough to be one of the first properties in the Advantage Business Media family to receive an upgraded website and we plan to put it to good use. Beginning this month, Drug Discovery & Development plans to triple the amount of original content hosted on its website.

This is not a brand-new idea; indeed, we have hosted original articles on our website for years. The difference is that web-based original content has been elevated from a secondary focus to a primary one with equal standing to our print issue. Traditionally, authors have been hesitant to publish their articles online. This lack of enthusiasm is a relic of the days when a researcher’s work either went in a printed magazine or it never saw the light of day. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. Our website gives us the ability to supplement our print magazine with a greatly increased amount of web-based original content. Simply put, we want to be your source for original information on the internet.

Surveys show that the number of print readers who also look online to keep up with the latest trends in drug discovery and development is increasing rapidly. In order to feed this growing demand, I am putting out a call for original articles detailing new, better ways to design, test, and produce pharmaceutical and biologic treatments for human disease.

Welcome aboard
In addition to accepting more contributed articles, Drug Discovery & Development and our sister publication, Bioscience Technology, have hired a Science Editor to produce in-house content exploring the life science and biopharmaceutical arenas. Cynthia Fox has many years of experience writing on these topics, and we are excited to welcome her into the fold.