nanofiberCancer metastasis, consequential drug discovery, and construction of artificial limbs require the understanding of directed cell migration and cell culture in an in vivo incubator. Nanofiber Solutions offers an affordable 3-D substrate which better mimics human in vivo environments and allows researchers to more accurately study the effects of various chemical compounds on cell behavior and migration. Two types of electrospun plates can be used: Aligned nanofiber mimics certain areas of the body such as white matter within the brain, cardiac tissue, skeletal muscle, and parts of the eye and random nanofiber mimics the remaining ECM within the body.

Nanofiber Solutions products has the advantage of:
• Ease in quantifying cell migration for extended periods of time
• Provide for live cell imaging to observe cell behavior and mobility in real time
• Increased sensitivity in drug analysis assays.
• Fully compatible with existing protocols for staining, viability assays, RNA analysis, protein expression and automated plate readers.
• Accurately mimic the in vivo topography for guided cell migration

It has been shown that multiple glioma cell lines have a more realistic response when grown on Nanofiber Solutions electrospun plates versus flat 2-D surfaces.

Nanofiber Solutions